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Welcome to Jeff Klopmeyer Communications.

We can help you with every aspect of marketing your product or service.


"Jeff Klopmeyer Communications started as ESP Guitars' publicist in 2004, and has since taken on ESP's web content, social media, and other customer and media-based communications. Jeff has been a tremendous value to ESP during the highest-growth period in the company's history."
Matt Masciandaro, CEO, ESP Guitars

"Jeff has been an essential part of the GC Pro team for more than a decade. His print ads, web development, banners, and more have helped GC Pro grow into a highly-successful part of the Guitar Center organization."
Rick Plushner, Vice-President, GC Pro

"Aphex originally hired Jeff Klopmeyer Communications to do our PR, but he went beyond our expectations and became our go-to person for advertising development, product brochures, web content, and trade show support materials. Jeff's background allows him to understand the technical and creative applications of Aphex products for all of the markets we serve."
Marvin Caesar, founder, Aphex Systems

"My experience with Jeff goes back to the 1990s, to his days of running the advertising/marketing groups for Alesis and TASCAM. He stepped in as Groove Tubes' primary marketing resource in 2003, and had an immediate impact. I credit him for his role in the highest level of growth than at any other point in GT's 30+ year history. He truly understands the MI and pro audio customer... because he IS one!"
Aspen Pittman, Founder, Groove Tubes